Happy anniversary to us!

Well, it’s been a year since we launched Dine 909.

In that year, we’ve:

And much, much more…

As we celebrate our first anniversary, we pledge to continue to bring you food tidbits from the Inland Empire (and occasionally beyond).

As always, if you have anything you want to pass along, please feel free to email us.

And if you want to keep informed of the latest from Dine 909, be sure to bookmark us and follow us on Twitter, as if you haven’t already done so. Oh, and get your friends to do the same!

Thanks for reading, Inland Empire!

  • Scott in R.C.

    Unfortunately, you have to update your “closed” list to include Tacone in the Victoria Gardens. We tried going by on Sunday for a wrap and a drink but the closed sign was out. I’m sure a sign of the times but it will be missed.