Another fresh & easy surprise

On the cusp of Wednesday’s grand opening of a new Inland Empire fresh & easy (in Rancho Cucamonga), Dine 909 has discovered via fresh & easy’s Web site that their San Bernardino store (1631 E. Highland Ave., at Del Rosa Avenue) is opening one week later, on October 7.


This is of little consolation to Loma Linda city officials, who have written a letter to the folks at fresh & easy requesting that they be considered when picking opening dates, according to a story appearing in tomorrow’s Sun.

The Loma Linda location (Redlands Boulevard and Mountain View Avenue) has been complete for, oh, about ten months. Work started on the San Bernardino store only a couple of months ago.

Other completed-but-not-yet-open Inland Empire markets include Rialto (2015 N. Riverside Ave., at I-210) and Moreno Valley (22985 Cottonwood Ave., at Frederick Street). The Calimesa location (Calimesa Boulevard and Myrtlewood Drive) looks complete from the freeway.

Don’t know what fresh & easy’s strategy is, but I’m glad I’ll no longer have to drive to Fontana to shop there.

As is customary, fresh & easy is donating $1,000 to a local charity at their grand opening. To nominate a charity for the San Bernardino opening, click here.

To read Stephen Wall’s story regarding Loma Linda’s fresh & easy-sized advertisement for fresh & easy, click here.

In other Inland Empire fresh & easy news, according to their Web site, both the Riverside (4080 Madison Ave., at Arlington Avenue) and Ontario (2645 E. Riverside Drive, at Archibald Avenue) are hiring.

  • Lon

    Fresh and Easy is a plague upon American economy like WalMart, maybe worse. All automated checkout, means four grocery workers do not have jobs. All food is prepackaged, so if you want one pepper you are out of luck, you get four packaged who knows where. The company is not American owned, so your money is going out of country.
    Leave it to the penny pinching fools who complain about taxes, and services cut to tout the wonders of another company that is not good for America.

  • John Plessel


    We’ve heard this before. We know they’re not union. Thanks, Norma Rae.

    However, they are opening stores when their competitors are not. They are creating new jobs when their competitors are cutting them.

    And yes, you can buy just one pepper. Never mind the fact that those four peppers are probably the same price as one or two at the other places.

    While it’s true that their parent company is based overseas, fresh & easy is based in Southern California. Also, that parent company is spending its money here in America, on wages for hundreds of Americans.

    That said, everyone is entitled to their opinion. And thanks for reading.

  • Erica Ballesteros

    Actually fresh and Easy rocks my dad Albert Ballesteros who owns that store and a whole bunch more its really cheap and its the best thing that happened now you get it cheap the union is trying to get fresh and easy OUT so never more cheap stuff. fresh and easy has the best HUDGE CHOLATE its the best so if you think it sucks thats your problemat least try it also try something and STICK 2 FRESH AND EASY BE GREEN