Tip-A-Cop tonight in Yucca Valley

I try to attend the Tip-A-Cop fundraisers when I can.

The money goes to a good cause — Special Olympics — and I usually bring a friend or two and have a good time.

The latest event will take place from 5 to 9 p.m. tonight (October 29) at the Yucca Valley Applebee’s, 57796 Twentynine Palms Highway.

Wait a minute! There an Applebee’s in Yucca Valley? The only place I’ve eaten at there is Din Ho Chinese restaurant.

Anyway, the California Highway Patrol and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department are teaming up with the restaurant for the fundraiser.

They’re typically slightly chaotic affairs, but usually lots of fun.

Besides, you never know when you might run into one of those officers again in a…let’s say…less honorable moment, and he or she might remember you from the event and let you off with only a warning.

It could happen.

Funds raised will be added to $7,000 already collected from similar events and go toward the Morongo Basin Special Olympics.

So, do your part and help out. It just might benefit you in the long run.