New Jewell shines in Riverside


The taste of New Orleans has come to downtown Riverside.

The grand opening of the Crescent Jewell Restaurant, 3597 Main St. (at Sixth Street) is set for 5 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday (November 5).

The restaurant had a soft opening late last month. It occupies the space formerly held by the Back Stage Restaurant.

Owner Norman Copeland previously owned and operated Bayou Seafood Grille in Rancho Mirage. He’s returning to his roots, as he grew up and was a former educator in Riverside. He graduated from North High School.

The restaurant specializes in Creole/Cajun food and also offers some American dishes such as steaks, pork chops and salads.

The eatery will be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday. They will offer a happy hour Monday through Friday.

For more information, you can reach them at (951) 684-1001.

  • Eric

    I was excited when I saw that a Cajun/Creole restaurant had opend down town being that it is one of my favorite cuisines. The restaurant looked nice and we were seated quickly. Service wasn’t bad and we ordered the sampler / Gumbo just to check out all the flavors and see what they had to offer. It took about 25 minutes to get the Gumbo. It seemed they had reheated it in a microwave and left it in about 5 minutes too long. I asumed it had been simmering all day and the added microwaving dried out the chicken and the tiny tiny bay shrimp turned to complete mush. The rue was adequate but all in all not so good. We waited another 20 minutes for the sampler platter and I figured being that it took 45 minutes to get it, was going to be awesome. Well it wasn’t. Deep fried oysters with some bottled wing sauce. They were cooked first tossed in the sauce and sat for atleast 20 minutes. there were 2 and they were overcooked on the inside and now soggy on the outside from sitting. 2 chicken wings in the same sauce. ehhh had-m everywhere else. Muffaletta – if thats what they call it. Sliced French bread with a small piece of grilled chicken and some melted cheese. no olives no sauce no flavor. Terrible. 2 pieces of French bread – sliced- with 1 sauteed shrimp and some white sauce. Terrible. And finally some calamari that was over fried and over salted. It was $20.00 bucks. Without a doubt the worst food I have had in some years. What’s worse is the owner and his wife were 10 feet away and never once made eye contact or came over and asked us how things were. We left and headed to another restaurant cause after $40.00 spent….we were still hungry. I predict they go down in a year. Do yourself a favor stay away.

  • We had a much different experience here. Lunch was very good, so good we had the gumbo for dessert.

    The service was better than described in the review above, so I’d think that they read it and improved. That’s why people should comment on them when they get a chance.

  • Nancy



    If you do NOT want to have a good time, PLEASE feel free to sit and eat that this poor excuse for a restaurant.

    Our group consist of 4 adults and 1 child. We were very excited to try something new, as we always do. We arrived at 7:30PM to this god forsaken place and a waiter walked by and told us it would be about a 40 minute wait to be seated and that they are extremely busy. I looked around. There were a whole row of empty tables. I didn’t say anything and we just waited.

    Then a hostess came up to us and said, I’m sorry we couldn’t seat you, the cook is backed up in the kitchen it may be another 20 min wait.

    WTH! So while feeling already uncomfortable standing and waiting in front of the entrance looking like a fool, we gotta wait 20 MORE mins? ADVICE: If your gonna make people wait an hour to be seated and this seems to be a common thing in your restaurant, because from reading all the other poor reviews on this site. AT least put chairs out, so people and sit and wait comfortably while staring at your employees stand around and talk.

    Anyways, finally we got seated. WE SAT THERE FOR 20 MINS AND WEREN’T EVEN GIVEN MENUS!! Then a waiter walked by after all that time and asked us if we’ve been helped. WTH! I replied… No, then asked for menus and I HAD to ask for a glass of water because it seems to them that people don’t get thirsty waiting an hour and a half to be asked if we have been helped. GEEZ!

    On to the food..
    We ordered fried oysters. THEY WERE SPOILED! I cut that thing in half and oyster inside looked like MUD! ABOUT 20 SOMETHING DOLLARS

    Voo Doo wings.. with Parmesan fries.. good, but who couldn’t microwave chicken wings. Hot on the outside, cold on the inside. AROUND 12 DOLLARS

    EXTRA SIDE OF FRENCH FRIES PROBABLY 10 DOLLARS.. because they had to actually be fried and NOT MICROWAVED.

    We wanted to order the Calamari. The waiter JOKED that they were out. We laughed and he took our order, came back and said. Sorry we are out of the Calamari. We sulked for a min but got over it. Then he said, WE ARE OUT BECAUSE ITS STILL FROZEN. OMG…. whatever.

    It took 40 mins for our appetizers and by the time our food came we have finished every single last bit of french fries and everything else including our drinks! We were starving! I felt like I was being tortured! and denied of food at this point! (AND IT WASN’T EVEN WORTH THE WAIT, I FELT LIKE THE WAITERS WERE GIVING US A CHANCE TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! )

    I ordered chicken something, with penne pasta with an Alfredo sauce. The waiter recommended it to me, I thought it sounded good.. BUT that’s not what i got. I got something LIKE THAT. Instead of chicken, I got sausages. Wheres the chicken?? MUST BE because the sausages heated up better in the microwave. I didn’t say anything about my plate because one of my friends ordered the Pasta Jambalaya and her SHRIMP WASN’T EVEN COOKED, and her pasta was cold. (I told my friend to just pick that shrimp out and eat the rest.., she forked another shrimp and found that ALL OF THE SHRIMPS WEREN’T COOKED THOROUGHLY! ) I didn’t want to send the waiter back with 2 plates (mine and my friends). I should have! because I took a bite of my food and it was nice and hot on top, then I decided to mix everything together and I took another bite and some of the pasta and sauce was COLD! I HAD a STOMACH ACHE right at that point. GROSS! When my friend got her plate back, I bet they picked out all the shrimps and microwaved them because her pasta was still cold.


    -CHICKEN THINGY BUT GOT SAUSAGES OVER HOT PASTA ON TOP BUT COLD ON THE BOTTOM OVER $15.99 (who knows how much they charged for waiters recommendations.)

    My other friend ordered the Shrimp Creole and said it was disgusting and tasted like rice with salsa and had like 2 shrimps (good thing for her, her 2 shrimps were fully cooked).

    My other friend ordered the Seafood Boil and asked for butter for her crab legs and the waiter came back with cold butter (unmelted). SHE ASKED FOR BUTTER AND SPECIFICALLY STATED THAT SHE WANTED THE BUTTER FOR HER CRAB LEGS. SHE DIDN’T SAY SHE WANTED BUTTER TO SPREAD ON HER GARLIC TOAST! I felt bad for her because she is PREGNANT!

    -SEAFOOD BOIL WITH UN-MELTED BUTTER FOR CRAB LEGS (oops! I’m sorry crab leg shell, because there wasn’t even anything in the crab leg itself because it was over microwaved and had a thin strip of crab fat) $21.99


    The garlic bread was extra. That’s O.K. because it was about the only thing that was good and not microwaved and fully cooked.