Thanks, Jack! Broguiere’s egg nog found at my local Stater’s


Well, imagine my surprise last week when I went to my local Stater Bros. to pick up ingredients for making butter pecan ice cream when I spotted a lone bottle of Broguiere’s egg nog sitting on the shelf in the dairy case.

Perhaps someone high up in the Stater Bros. chain of command saw my plea from last year.

Whatever the reason, it took about a half-second for me to grab it off the shelf and throw it into my cart.

It’s not cheap — Stater’s sells it for $6.99 a quart — but it sure beats driving to Montebello to pick it up directly from Broguiere’s dairy, as I did last Christmas Eve.

I had a second surprise when I sat the bottle on the conveyor belt at the checkstand and realized it was one of the Huell Howser bottles.

You see, Broguiere’s has several different designs printed on their
glass bottles, and since Huell did a pair of his “Visiting…” shows
from there, so they decided to use his image as one of them, as a
“favorite visitor.”

Anyway, if you are an egg nog fan and want to try some delicious, good
old-fashioned nog, you really should give Broguiere’s a try.

I had quite a
difficult time finding it last year, but in addition to Stater’s, I hear
it’s available at Gerrard’s in Redlands and Wolfe’s Market in
Claremont. Good luck.

Any other Inland Empire sightings? Feel
free to comment below!

  • Janet

    I buy the stuff every year from Staters… maybe you just arn’t going to the right ones!

  • John Plessel


    You know, I think I made the mistake of starting my quest too close to Christmas last year. This year, I happened upon it right after Halloween. It’s good stuff, even at that price. Enjoy!