You want free Wi-Fi with that? Head to McDonald’s

Those of you who follow Dine 909 on Twitter might have caught this retweet from yesterday, but the rest of you can now find out that…

McDonald’s will offer free Wi-Fi beginning mid-January


According to this Dow Jones Newswire article on, in mid-January, the fast-food behemoth will do away with its current $2.95 fee for two hours of access to its AT&T-provided wireless Internet access.

Why is McDonald’s being so generous with its Wi-Fi?

Probably to get you to stick around. The longer you stay, the more likely you are to buy one of their McCaf drinks, or some Cinnamon Melts, or some fries — just try not to get your keyboard greasy.

Another likely reason is that, with their McCaf drinks, they are aiming to compete with Starbucks, and apparently, their $3.99 charge for two hours of
Internet access.

According to the article, McDonald’s USA’s Chief Information Officer David Grooms says the chain would not impose time restrictions on access. Grooms is quoted as saying, “”Free is free.”

Wi-Fi is available at about 11,000 of 14,000 domestic McDonald’s locations, which represents about one of out six hot spots in the U.S.

So all you geeks, students and smartphone users, prepare to make McDonald’s your new hangout!

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