No loaf love for the Inland Empire?

San Diego? Check.

Los Angeles? Uh huh.

Orange County? Yep.

Inland Empire? Not so much.

We here at Dine 909 love Tillamook Cheese…with a particular fondness for the vintage white extra sharp Cheddar in the black wrapper that you can usually find at Costco.


But does Tillamook return the favor?

In a word, no.

The creamery cooperative has embarked on its “Loaf Love Tour” to promote its Baby Loaf medium Cheddar cheese.

The modified VW microbuses are currently in Arizona and will be in Southern California starting next month. They’ll be in various San Diego locations February 17 through March 14; Los Angeles March 17 through April 12; and Orange County from April 14 through May 16.

From there, they travel to Bakersfield.

So, according the tour schedule, no Inland Empire dates.

Mind you, the schedules for their SoCal tour haven’t been set yet, so there’s a chance that those “Orange County” dates might include some stops here in the Inland Empire.

Note to Tillamook: The Inland Empire is not in Orange County.

Will we see those cute little vans revving through Rialto; tooling around Temecula; motoring through Montclair; or cruising through Colton? They’d look particularly cute rolling down the “Mother Road.”

It appears unlikely.

If you want to experience the “Loaf Love Tour,” it seems you’ll have to drive into L.A. or Orange County to do so, but we’ll know more when actual dates are posted.

If only there were a way Dine 909ers could contact Tillamook and politely ask if the Inland Empire is included in the tour.

In the meantime, there’s always Costco.

Update: The Love Loaf Tour is indeed coming to the Inland Empire. More info by following this link.