After pestering us for years with local television and radio spots, we’re finally getting a CiCi’s Pizza within driving distance.

CiCi’s Pizza Buffet will open Monday (February 15) in Chino Hills, at 4200 Chino Hills Parkway.

The buffet will normally cost just $4.99, but if you happen to be one of the first 100 people in line on Monday, you’ll receive free buffets for a year!

The announcement of the new 4,800 square foot restaurant comes nearly a year to the day since a certain blog post lamenting the barrage of advertising and complete lack of restaurants within California was written.

Of course, since then things have changed. The Chino Hills restaurant will be the third in the state, following a CiCi’s Pizza Buffet in San Diego and a CiCi’s Pizza To Go in Gardena.

CiCi’s offers 18 varieties of pizza, including specialty pizzas such as Buffalo chicken, BBQ, Mexican pizza Ol, spinach Alfredo and macaroni and cheese.

Besides pizza, the buffet also features pastas, salad and desserts. In addition to the buffet, CiCi’s will sell single-topping 15″ take-out pizzas for $4.99.

I’m still a little curious to check it out, but for $4.99 for all you can eat, I can tell you I’m not expecting much.

  • rpfromrc

    If you want to eat a lot for not much money, CiCi’s is the place, so long as you are not expecting good pizza. I ate in one near Wash., DC.

  • John Plessel


    That pretty much seems to be the consensus. I’ll probably give ’em a month or so to work out the kinks, then head on over there.

  • RRKelly

    A family of four can eat until your stuffed and not worry about the kids disturbing anyone for around $25.00 w/ drinks. I’m not going to pretend your eating at BJ’s or Wolfgang Pucks, but the Taco Pizza, Mushroom Chicken, and Buffalo Wing Pizza kept me happy, not to mention plenty of cheese, sausage and pepperoni combos to keep the kids happy, and the cinnamon rolls were a great end before I needed to be rolled out of there. If you want 3 star plus, not your place, if you want cheap, good pizza, in a family friendly environment, this is the place