Good-bye, Ruby Tuesday

If a Ruby Tuesday closes in San Bernardino and there’s no one around to notice, does anybody care?


Sad to say, that seems to be the case.

We get email here at Dine 909 from time to time asking about particular restaurants.

We got no such queries regarding San Bernardino’s Ruby Tuesday, which closed January 30.

I probably wouldn’t have even noticed had I not gone to Costco (which is across the street) and noticed the restaurant was dark.

I went by later and saw a terse note taped to the inside of the door:

January 30, 2010

To all of our friends, guests and neighbors:

Regrettably, Ruby Tuesday San Bernardino will close its doors today. It has been an honor to serve this community.

If there are any questions, please contact our Temecula location at 951-694-0011.

Ruby Tuesday

It’s unfortunate that they closed, but hardly a surprise.

I had only been there half a dozen times at most, but nearly every time there seemed to be something wrong with the meal.

I remember one time being seated and then promptly ignored by the waitstaff for about 20 minutes. Apparently one server thought we were at another server’s table, and that server thought we were at the other server’s table.

Another time, my dining companion ordered a steak described as “peppercorn-crusted,” which arrived with nary a pepper fleck in sight.


There were bright spots, however.

The interior was very inviting. It had a sort of retro look that made you feel as if you were sitting in someone’s 1962 living room.

Also, I enjoyed the (smallish) salad bar quite a bit. I think I added the salad bar to every meal I ate there.

The food, in general, was above average. The seafood I had there was quite good, especially the Creole Catch and the Parmesan shrimp pasta.

However, the restaurant was usually sparsely populated after the first time we went there, which was the day it opened.

Of course, Ruby Tuesday’s was one of those places that advertised locally for years even though there were no locations within 200 miles. (Yes, my finger is pointing at you, CiCi’s Pizza!)

Another theory: People from San Bernardino have gotten used to driving to Riverside or Rancho Cucamonga or Ontario to go out to eat, but do any of those folks drive to San Bernardino? I doubt it.

Perhaps if they did, the San Bernardino Ruby Tuesday would still be in business.

The remaining Inland Empire Ruby Tuesday is at 41797 Nicole Lane in Temecula. There’s another Southern California location at 2200 S. Azusa Ave. in West Covina.

  • Sad to see Ruby Tuesday closing their doors in San Bernardino. The Lake Arrowhead area has also seen quite a few restaurant doors close. If locals and visitors do not support small business’s then jobs are lost and the economy continues to be impacted. Fortunately Lake Arrowhead still has Bin 189, Belgian Waffle Works, Papagayos, Woody’s, The Tea Exchange and Razzberries. Take a drive and visit Lake Arrowhead and help keep their doors open.

  • Dean

    Darn, I hadn’t made it out there yet. The commercials are always so tantalizing, but I’m not often in San Bernardino.

  • Mike

    There was nothing on their menu that made them worth the stop, especially with a California Pizza Kitchen right next door!

  • Don J

    What are you talking about? There’s a CiCi’s Pizza in Chiono Hills, & a Sonic Drive-In soon to open @ 4th & Milliken

  • A Rim

    Not surprised at all that they are closed. Not because the food was bad. They just didn’t seem to have any urgency to their service. No one was ever in the place even during the rushed lunch hour. On my first visit tt was a group of us and although the service was friendly they were extremely slow. Anyone looking could tell we were on our lunch hour. The salad bar was okay however, the meal was great. On my second visit, I went alone figuring one person would get served a lot faster than a group. Once I was seated it took my server about 15-20 minutes to come back and take my order. He thought that I had been taken care of by another server. My food came to me about 15 minutes later. Once finished the server asked if there was anything else that he could me and I said no, I only need the check. He was to bring it right back. Again, 15 minutes later when he was going on his break he passed by and said Oh! you are still here. Can I get you something? I said only the check not unless the meal is free 🙂

  • Roger Smith

    Restaurant was good. Service fine, the above comments were by someone who just doesn’t know the real reason for the closure. Service only went down the last couple of weeks they were open. A football player, from the Chargers (Jr. Seau) opened 7 of them at once, then the bill came due…He couldn’t afford to open so many at once. So they all closed.

  • John Plessel


    Thanks for the insight. R.I.P., Junior.