SoCal Gift Cards now half price

OK, we’ve mentioned this site before, but it has grown, and the discounts have gotten steeper.

SoCal Gift Cards (part of the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, as is Dine 909) now has at least 50% discount on all their offerings.

Last time we wrote about them the discount was 25%.

Currently participating restaurants include Caf Calato (Rancho Cucamonga), Salsitas Mexican Grill (Rancho Cucamonga), Canton Bistro (Redlands), Kool Kactus Caf (Loma Linda), Joe’s Sushi (Riverside), Napoli Italian Restaurant (Loma Linda), Taco Village (Redlands), Phood on Main (Riverside), Crescent Jewell Restaurant (Riverside), Ruby Tuesday (Temecula), Monark Asian Bistro (Riverside), Mill Creek Cattle Co. (Mentone/Redlands) and Zorro’s Mexican Restaurant (Redlands), to name about half of the restaurants.

It’s a great way to check out those restaurants you’ve been wanting to try without taking too much of a risk.

They have other discounts, as well, including salons and day spas, amusement parks, a florist and a University of Redlands concert.

Feel free to swing by their website and check ’em out.

  • Dean

    I used the site to do Christmas shopping last year and it worked out great. I purchased a Wine Tailor gift cert and bought a couple bottles of wine to give as gifts – paired with one of the restaurant (Antonino’s) gift certificates.

  • e

    And I wish there were an easier way to send stuff your way without having to provide all of that info.

  • John Plessel


    I remember your comment earlier. Thanks. I’m planning to check out Joe’s Sushi in Riverside to see how it compares to Miyagi’s here in San Bernardino.

  • John Plessel


    If you want to continue to remain anonymous, commenting is the best way. However, if you look to the right, there’s a link to email us (, which is the usual route. We’re also on Twitter as @dine909, unsurprisingly. Thanks for the tips, though!