Colton Zendejas reopens, Big Boy closes “for remodeling”

For those of you bemoaning the loss of Zendejas from the Colton restaurant scene, weep no more!

The rumors are true…Zendejas has reopened.

I drove by last week and there was a giant “Now Open” banner hanging on the front of the building.

They closed abruptly last August after Colton Police ordered the restaurant to shut down its dance floor operations and the city kept the site’s dance permit in limbo.

The entertainment revenue was keeping the restaurant afloat in the slow economy.

Well, apparently, they’ve worked out their issues with the city.

If you want to check out the resurrected Zendejas, it’s at 1030 S. Mount Vernon Ave.

A little ways north of there, the Bob’s Big Boy at 201 E. Valley Blvd. has closed “for remodeling.”

Usually, that’s a euphemism for “out of business,” but when I drove by there were actually workers milling about in the restaurant. That’s probably a good sign.

I remember how excited I was when I found out in 2006 that the restaurant was preparing to open and when they finally opened in early 2007.

And how that excitement was quelled the first time I went there.

Subsequent visits were equally lackluster.

Let’s hope the “remodeling” means they’re getting their act together and will open with renewed focus on customer service.

In the meantime, I highly recommend two other Inland Empire Bob’s Big Boys — in Calimesa and, especially, Norco.