In-N-Out Burger another step closer to Highland location?

MIchael Sorba has written a story that appeared in today’s edition of The Sun that indicates that we may be one step closer to having an In-N-Out Burger in Highland, ironically right in front of L.A. Fitness.

When we last left the burger drama, at issue was a sign.

The proposed site of the fast food restaurant on Greenspot Road is in a center that isn’t directly next to the 210 Freeway, but developers wanted to put a sign next to the freeway, and In-N-Out would not build without a freeway-adjacent sign.

The planning commission denied the request and the developer initially tried negotiating sign space with the developer of the site closest to the freeway.<

The developers of the L.A. Fitness site eventually sold the In-N-Out site to the developers of the center adjacent to the freeway, which appears to have solved the sign problem.

Confusing, I know!

Click here to read Michael’s story and sort it out for yourself.

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