Can’t get enough chili? Try Wienerschnitzel

That’s because Wienerschnitzel has introduced two new limited-time double chili cheeseburgers: The aptly-named Double Chili Cheeseburger and the Double Ultimate Chili Cheeseburger.

The Double Chili Cheeseburger ($2.29), includes two patties, two slices of cheese and lots of Wienerschnitzel’s signature chili.

The Double Ultimate Chili Cheeseburger ($2.59) ups the ante by adding extra helpings of tomato, pickle chips, mustard and chopped onion to the mix.

Napkins are free.

And if you want to try either of these new burgers, have we got a deal for you. Click here to get a coupon good for a buck off either one.

You can’t wait forever, though. The burgers are only planned to be available until the end of July.

Update: Chili lovers rejoice! I’ve just been told that the double chili cheeseburgers will be a permanent addition to Wienerschnitzel’s menu. Chili today, tomorrow and forever!

However, the dollar off coupon is only good ’til the end of July, so get crackin’!