Asian grocer on the way

99 Ranch, the Asian supermarket
stalwart, is planning to open at the end of the year on the southeast
corner of Archibald and Base Line in Rancho Cucamonga. 99 Ranch (or is it 99 Rancho?) will
be catty-corner to the 99 Cents store.

The grocery store will
replace Albertson’s, which closed April 2009. It will be the second 99
Ranch in the Inland Empire. The other one is in Chino Hills.

4 thoughts on “Asian grocer on the way

  1. This could be real trouble for Market World @ 19th & Carnelian. MW is primarily Korean, 99 Ranch Chinese and multi-ethnic, and their price points tend to be different.

  2. All that we need to complete the series is to have Nena stand in the middle of the intersection and sing 99 Luftballons. Heh.

    The store is already in the store locator section of the 99 Ranch website.

    Perhaps when it opens I’ll finally get enough courage to lose my 99 Ranch store virginity.

  3. John, that will be two years after you lost your dim sum virginity. Since when do you need courage to walk into a supermarket?

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