Chipotle (no longer) wants your junk mail

We here at Dine 909 like a lot about what Chipotle Mexican Grill stands for.

Currently, they’ve got an online campaign designed to raise funds for (and awareness of) The Lunch Box, which is focused on helping schools and school districts make the transition from processed foods to healthier, locally-grown from-scratch meals.

How can you help? Simply forward your junk mail to

Chipotle is donating 10 for every piece of junk mail they receive, up to a total of 500,000 one million.

That translates to $50,000 $100,000…and a lot of junk mail!

I know you get junk mail. Who knew you could put it to good use?

Update: Chipotle (gotta love ’em) has reached their goal of $50,000 and doubled it, so please keep sending them your junk mail. Let’s help them reach $100,000!

Final update: Chipotle has received one million junk emails and will donate $100,000 to The Lunch Box! Thanks to those of you who helped out!