Presenting Hangar 24’s Alt-Bier: The home game

That’s right.

Redlands’ Hangar 24 Craft Brewery has finally begun bottling its Alt-Bier for purchase in your favorite store.

And if you want the opportunity to purchase the very first Alt-Bier 6-pack off the assembly line, head to the brewery, 1710 Sessums Drive, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday (August 28).

If you sample a pint of Alt-Bier during that time, you’ll receive a raffle ticket which will be entered into a drawing.

At 1 p.m., they’ll pick one raffle ticket to decide who will be able to purchase that inaugural 6-pack, which will be signed by the staff of Hangar 24.

Immediately afterward, sales will be opened up to all.

Click here to see artwork of the Alt-Bier 6-packs.

Here’s video of the very first bottle of Alt-Bier rolling off the assembly line:

In other Hangar 24 news, a limited release of Orange Wheat 24-packs will go on sale September 1.

Also, they are now distributing in the San Bernardino Mountains. Follow the jump to see where you can currently buy Hangar 24 up there.


  • Angelus Oaks Country Store, 37686 Highway 38


  • Betty’s General Store, 27201 Hwy 189
  • Jensen’s Market, 27264 Hwy 189


  • Jensen’s Market, 211 N. State Hwy 173


  • Rim of the World Sports Bar, 23476 Crest Forest Drive


  • Elkhorn General Store, 40987 Valley Of The Falls Drive


  • Belgian Waffle Works, 28200 Hwy 189, Suite E 150


  • Jensen’s Market, 1987 Hilltop Blvd.
  • Snow Valley Mountain Resort, 5100 Highway 18