The price of nostalgia? $4.75

The Los Angeles County Fair is winding down, but there’s one more thing I’d like to mention before they close.

Some of you may be old enough to remember the Gingerbread House in the Inland Center, which was in what is now the Macy’s wing, I’m guessing about where the Regis Salons is today.

I have vague memories of it. I’m sure I must’ve had a gingerbread cookie or two from there. I do remember that they had a little patio-like area where you could sit and eat your gingerbread.

And apparently, before that, they sold gingerbread at Santa’s Village.

Well, now you’ll find them at the county fairs.

I’ve seen them at the Los Angeles County Fair for years, but never stopped by, usually because the line was so long.

This year, I finally decided to stop by. I’m glad I did.

The owner is not the same as when it was at the Inland Center, but the building and, most importantly, the recipes are the same.

I had a slice of hot gingerbread cake, piled high with whipped cream. $4.75 with tax.

In a word? Delicious!

Even on a near-100 degree day, it hit the spot.

I also picked up a couple of gingerbread cookies ($1 each) to give to Mom.

They also serve “the best hot cocoa on the planet,” according to a sign hanging in front of the pink A-frame building.

It was a little too warm to test that out, but I’ll take their word for it.

The current owners are still locals — they’re from Yucaipa.

So, if you’re heading to the fair in these waning days, be sure to stop by and get some hot gingerbread cake. Tell ’em Dine 909 sent you.