fresh & easy announces early 2011 SoCal store openings

And you know what?

Loma Linda isn’t one of them.


Neither are any of the other seven Inland Empire stores I mentioned the last time they announced store openings.

The one bright spot is that they’re opening a store at Bonita Avenue and San Dimas Canyon Road in San Dimas on February 23.

Wow. I used to love going to the Bravo Burgers that was there in that shopping center. And heading to the Bravo Burgers website I see that there’s a San Dimas location in the works.

Could they be returning to that center? Hmmm.

My mind is beginning to wander. Follow the jump for more wanderings.

I’m beginning to wonder if the Loma Linda fresh & easy will ever open.

I think that the Loma Linda store would do well if it would finally open, given that the nearest stores are in the Del Rosa area, Yucaipa and Riverside. And if you head west on the 10, there’s really nothing until you hit Upland.

They’d have potential customers from Redlands, Highland, Colton and Grand Terrace.

Add to that the fact that Loma Linda is teeming with Seventh-Day Adventists. I think with their emphasis on healthy living, they would find much to like about fresh & easy.

But what do I know?

Perhaps someday Loma Linda will finally get its fresh & easy. Until then, we wait.

If you’re interested in working at the San Dimas store, job postings are already showing up on the fresh & easy website. Click here for more information.