Taco joint finds new hut

I was bummed when Rancho Cucamonga’s Taco Hut (Foothill between Archibald and Hellman) nearly burnt down in September. There are many other Mexican eateries
in the Rancho Cucamonga/Ontario area and some just as tasty but Taco
Hut is the only place I know where they play Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”
for first-time customers and the only place that serves fish tacos so
big, I feel like a glutton for eating two.

Taco Hut closed after major fire and smoke damage. They’re in the process of remodeling.

in the meantime, they’ve opened a new location at the site of El Loco
Cantina on 11815 Foothill Boulevard. Their Ontario location is on 1150
E. Philadelphia Street

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