San Bernardino Long John Silver’s goes belly-up

I drove by the remaining San Bernardino Long John Silver’s on Highland Avenue the other day and noticed it’s still “closed for remodeling.”

Um…yeah…it’s been “closed for remodeling” for months now. However, the signage was still up, so I thought for a split second that they might actually be doing work inside the boarded-up restaurant.

When I got home, I checked the restaurant’s website for nearby locations.

The San Bernardino location was no longer listed.

They are closed.

Through a Google search I found a couple of listings which indicate to me that they might be trying to sell the franchise and keep it as a Long John Silver’s, perhaps combined with a KFC. I think that’s a good move.

For those of you who are now craving fried seafood, just down the street from the closed LJS is the H. Salt Fish & Chips at 1484 E. Highland Ave. They’ve been there for ages and the folks that work there are the best.