Ruben’s Fiesta Maya, Rockin’ Baja close

A couple of high-profile restaurant closures to report.

The first is the Montclair outlet of the Rockin’ Baja Coastal Cantina chain, which was at 9335 Monte Vista Ave., in the space long occupied by Tony Roma’s.

Rockin’ Baja opened back in December of 2008.

A sharp-eyed reader notified us via Twitter.

A drive-by on Tuesday verified the closure. The building was stripped of any signage and a piece of paper with the word “Closed” on it was taped on the inside of the window in one of the front doors.

A shorter-lived venture is Ruben’s Fiesta Maya in Redlands.

The restaurant was owned by Ruben and Lisa Ochoa, formerly of Casa Maya in Mentone.

The eatery, which featured Yucatan cuisine, opened in the remodeled Rainbow Theater, 22 E. Vine St., in October of last year.

The Sun/Daily Bulletin food critic David Cohen gave it a favorable review, rating it 4 out of 5.

On Tuesday, workers were busy unscrewing the sign lettering from the building.

My guess, however, is that we haven’t seen the last of Ruben Ochoa.