Inland Empire adds four more Coca-Cola Freestyles

The Coca-Cola Freestyle continues its rollout here in the Inland Empire.

The 106-choice beverage fountain can now be found in four more locations since we last checked:

  • Cal Skate, 22080 Commerce Way, Grand Terrace
  • El Pollo Loco, 2720 Canyon Springs Parkway, Riverside
  • Lucky Greek, 2490 Wardlow Road, Corona
  • Stadium Pizza, 32278 Clinton Keith Road, Suite 101, Wildomar

Also, recently I was at two different restaurants that have the Freestyle machine and got to see the inner workings as they replaced some of the flavor cartridges inside.

It’s a pretty ingenious (and likely foolproof) procedure.

They wave the cartridge about halfway down the right side of the machine and it unlocks the door to the lower half. Inside are banks of cartridges, some with base flavors (Coke, Sprite, Barqs), and others with additive flavors (vanilla, strawberry, raspberry).

Green LEDs indicate cartridges that don’t need to be replaced. Red LEDs indicate cartridges which do need to be replaced. A blinking red LED indicates the cartridge you just used to open the door and need to replace.

Once the cartridge is replaced and the door is closed, a menu pops up on the touch screen prompting to flush the just-replaced cartridge. A quick squirt of water and everything is ready to go again.

Also, Coke has created a handy-dandy map of its current Freestyle locations. Follow the jump to see it.

For more information on the Coca-Cola Freestyle, click here to visit the Freestyle Facebook page.