Today’s Tommy Tuesday is in Barstow

Heading to or from Vegas today?

Or do you live in the High Desert?

Then you’ll want to stop by the Original Tommy’s in Barstow, because today’s Tommy Tuesday is taking place there.

That’s right. You can stop and pick up a chiliburger (or three) for only 65 each today.

All you have to do is utter the secret word: Family.

You can buy up to five chiliburgers at that special, 65th Anniversary price, until 10 p.m. today (February 22) only.

I know a certain nurse who might want to leave for work early and pick up some chiliburgers on his way to the Barstow Community Hospital E.R.

The Barstow Original Tommy’s is at 2610 Fisher Blvd.

The promotion is being shared with the Las Vegas Original Tommy’s at 5208 Boulder Highway.