Alberto’s vs. ex-Alberto’s in San Bernardino

An interesting little Mexican food war has begun on South E Street in San Bernardino.

A former KFC restaurant at 477 S. E St. was converted years back into an Alberto’s Mexican Food. It lasted for a while and then was replaced by an Alanberto’s Fresh Mex.

And hey…since we’re on the subject…what’s up with the names of all these former Alberto’s? Albaro’s…Adalberto’s…Alanberto’s…Albertaco’s…Alvaro’s…Albiero’s…Rigoberto’s…Ramberto’s? Do sign companies charge by the letter? Seriously…can’t we come up with something a little more creative?


Meanwhile a former Tacos Mexico directly across the street (480 S. E St.) has recently been transformed into…you guessed it…Alberto’s Mexican Food. They’ve got a Grand Opening banner hanging out front — facing the former Alberto’s.

I’m curious to see how this will all pan out.

Perhaps the Alberto’s will eventually become a Rigoberto’s. Hmm.

3 thoughts on “Alberto’s vs. ex-Alberto’s in San Bernardino

  1. October special at alanbertos yum….comes with a large drink as well as 5 roll chiken tacos. i got lost with all of that guacamole and sour cream you should try them and the staff the best one big team .

  2. I live like 2 minutes away from this place.. on stoddard
    and alanbertos gets way more business then albertos

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