Your contributions to Japan relief efforts doubled at Panda Express, Panda Inn

Panda Restaurant Group, Inc., which operates both Panda Inn and Panda Express here in the Inland Empire, is among the many restaurant chains (and local restaurants) donating to the relief effort in Japan.

Through the end of March, Panda Express, Panda Inn, and the non-I.E. Hibachi-San restaurant locations across the country will have in-store drop-boxes allowing guests to make contributions of any amount.

All guest-donated proceeds will benefit the American Red Cross.

Also, contributions by the company’s 18,000 employees will be donated to the compassion relief organization, Tzu Chi Foundation, which is currently providing two hot meals per day in Oarai Town to the thousands of displaced people living in shelters.

The best part? Panda will match 100% of the proceeds collected at Panda Express, Panda Inn, Hibachi-San locations and by associates nationwide.

Panda Express locations can be found throughout the Inland Empire. You’ll find Panda Inn at 3223 E. Centrelake Drive in Ontario.