And the Inland Empire Food Truck Fest tickets go to…

…Deb Corey and Cheterra Hall!

Congratulations to both of you!

Thanks to for helping pick the winners and thanks to all of you for entering…we enjoyed reading all your comments.

It seems like a lot of people are looking forward to checking out the Grilled Cheese Truck, as well as both Suite 106 and My Delight cupcakeries.

Also, lots of you seem to be having birthdays right around June 18.

And those of you suggesting stretchy pants are evil geniuses!

I hope those of you who didn’t win will still get tickets and show up with empty bellies!

Tickets are available at Ticketmaster and at the Citizens Business Bank Arena box office, if you want to avoid some of those pesky “convenience” fees.

Pre-sale tickets are $8 now, but remember…they will go up to $10 a week before the event. A limited number of VIP tickets, which will grant you entry into the event an hour early, are available for $25.

For more information, click here.

We’ve included some of our favorite comments after the jump.

debbie fain said:

what a great excuse to go off my diet for a day and treat my husband for father’s day.

Sue Fisher said:

I’m so excited for the food truck fest!!! It’s been on my calendar for ever!!!!!!! Gonna wear my Thanksgiving pants, and bring a bib!

deb corey said:

You had me at “FOOD”.

claudia said:

Yummmy can’t wait to try one of everything: )

Jesse said:

Everybody stand in line for a grilled cheese sandwich and keep the lines down for trucks with more interesting food. Thanks!

Natalie D said:

I wanna be a Food Truck Fatty!!! May take a while but I’m determined 😉 I will definitely be making a stop at Waffels de Liege! Maple Bacon, mmmmm! Also hoping Lets be Frank will be there too.

Catherine George said:

Have been looking forward to this event for such a long time… excited to eat my way thru the event!

Nicole said:

Can’t wait to try the chunkNchip Cookies and the Grilled Cheese truck!! Gonna be wearing my stretchy pants!!!!

Ben D. said:

Can’t wait for all the great food and hopefully the “Grill ’em All” truck \m/

RENE W. said:

Clear your calendar, wear loose fitting pants, and let the EATING begin!!!

Neoma said:

There are just so many trucks all serving good food and not enough room in my belly. A must on my list is catching the White Rabbit and all the dessert trucks!

Peggy Daunis said:

I’m so excited that the food trucks are coming
To the inland empire their trucks will be humming
So much fun, so much excitement, so much food
How could anyone possibly miss it dude?

Leticia Beltran said:

Oh wow I’m super excited that this awesome event is coming the the IE!
I’ve been wanting to try out yummy Grilled Chesse Truck, Nom Nom, Meet & Potatoes and I can keep going so I will sum this up FOOD FOOD and more FOOD YAY Yummy food that all of us SB County peep finally get to try. :))))))

Rocio said:

OMG I want to try every food truck there is! I want to be sooo stuffed that I have to roll myself all the way

Hue Nguyen said:

Yay! Food trucks! If only I had the super power to eat at all 50+ trucks and not explode!

Yanira said:

Can wait to try all the different foods my stomach can handle.

Emily said:

Looking forward to the Ludotruck…the man is a crazy food genius!

Jerteace S. said:

I am looking forward to trying evervthing I can, until I am stuffed and can’t eat anymore!

Michael_aas said:

I like food, it is the best, i’ll stuff my face at the food truck fest.

Drew D said:

Looking forward to all the Korean food! Short Rib Taco & Ahn Joo, Krazy BBQ, Bool BBQ & lots more. Is it June 18 yet?

Tina said:

Woohoo! Fat and Happy time!! Can’t wait for all the Nom Nom Nom!!!

Deidre Pfister said:

Can’t wait to grub down at the Grilled Cheese Truck and Frysmith… wait a minute… The LudoTruck will be there too?? Ah, its going to be a great event!! So looking forward to it! 🙂

michele said:

sigh. I am going to exhaust myself with anticipation. I love food!

Yoly said:

there’s going to be a party in my tummy!

Sara Rhodes said:

Inland Empire and the summer breeze,
Carries me to le truck du grilled cheese,
And the kids have cupcakes smooshed in their hair,
While Honeymoon Truck Stop fills the air.

james nowland said:

I can’t wait for all the trucks but my personal favorite is an IE truck thats already here. Stella Pierre’s Gourmet Grub, the german mutt and peanut butter balls are bangin…I crave them.