So long Millie’s, and thanks for all the chorizo and egg bowls

Sad news for fans of Millie’s Restaurant & Bakery.

The Fontana Millie’s, formerly at 17039 Valley Blvd., has closed.

The restaurant has a couple of signs posted inside the front window saying that the location is permanently closed and to visit the Millie’s in Covina, nearly 30 miles away.

That leaves the only Inland Empire Millie’s in Hemet, at 2020 E. Florida Ave.

I have an odd story about Millie’s.

A while back, I cleaned some viruses off my aunt’s computer, and as payment, she asked where I liked to eat so that she could get me some gift certificates.

At the time, I was kind of on a Mimi’s Cafe kick, so that’s what I told her.

She got things a little mixed up and I ended up with gift certificates to Millie’s.

Let’s just say that I got to know the Riverside and Fontana locations for a while.

Of course, they’re both closed now, which makes me a little sad.

Thanks to reader Steve, who emailed us to let us know about the closure.

  • Geards Eve French restaurant closed as of June. Only Mario’s Place remains oldest fine dining restaurant in Riverside