Downtown San Bernardino In-N-Out on the move

I’ve been noticing a flurry of construction at the corner of Fifth and H streets in downtown San Bernardino, where the Paradise Motel once stood.

Naturally, I was curious as to what was being built there.

The answer came this week as a sign went up indicating that it was the home of a new In-N-Out Burger.

Construction is moving fast and furious on the new location.

The plan is to move in to the new location n out of the current downtown location, 190 Bungalow Court, a mere three blocks south of the new one. In-N-Out hasn’t set a date for the relocation.

The relocation came as kind of a surprise, since the planned (and highly anticipated) Highland and Rialto locations remain untouched.

  • Ed
  • Brenda

    Why can’t we get an In N Out up in the northend of San Bernardino around 40th an Sierra Way or Palm an Kendall?

  • John Plessel


    Palm and Kendall is much more likely than 40th and Sierra Way, as it seems that most In-N-Outs are located near freeways. However, with another In-N-Out planned just a couple of miles away (Riverside Avenue at the 210), that possibility seems very remote.