Comings, goings in Rancho Cucamonga

With all the restaurants coming and going in Rancho Cucamonga, it’s hard to keep track. Good
thing it’s not just “going,” there are businesses coming, too.

First the sad news. Joey’s BBQ on Foothill Boulevard closed last week. Its Upland, Pomona and Chino locations are unaffected. Robin’s Dono, a Japanese restaurant on Fourth Street across from Ontario Mills, has also closed.

Here’s some good news. Alberto’s
will take over Joey’s BBQ spot. Alberto’s is a chain of taquerias with
more than 40 locations in Southern California. Cuban restaurant Flamingo Palms
is leaving its tiny Archibald Avenue location and moving to the more
prominent Fourth Street, in a space where Camille’s used to be. Flamingo
Palms will be on Archibald for another month. It was mentioned in this space recently that Handel’s, the
popular ice-cream joint in Upland, is opening another shop on Haven
Avenue at the Vons center near the 210 Freeway. Handel’s is expected to
open mid-February or March. Finally Felipe’s on Archibald and Foothill has closed. Stevie Dee’s Diner is expected to take over.

Am I missing anything? 

  • Danielle

    Baker’s Drive Thru on Foothill and Rochester opening March-ish.

  • KoHoSo

    The tweet for this story called the closure of Felipe’s a surprise. For me it isn’t. I used to love that place but it seemed to go downhill fast a couple of years ago. Even during slow times they were under-cooking the food. I went back one more time hoping things had changed and, oh, did I regret it — got sick as a dog. I had other friends that felt the same way so, for me, Felipe’s went away long before it officially closed.

    I can’t say that I’m surprised about Joey’s BBQ, either. That building was just not right for a barbecue joint and will be far more fitting for Alberto’s. Besides, I’ve always felt Joey’s is as overrated as its prices are high.

  • John Plessel


    The surprise is that it had been there so long. At least 22 years by my count. Probably haven’t been there in almost that time, so I couldn’t vouch for the quality.

    You’re right about Joey’s, though. Way too small. More suited for a Alberto’s…or a Baker’s…or a George’s. Heh.