Honolulu Harry’s out, Kealoha’s in

It seems that there’s a rash of restaurant closings and openings these days.

Another casualty is Chino’s Honolulu Harry’s, which at one time also had a location in Corona.

Kealoha’s Taste of the Islands and Mai Tai Lounge, owned by former Honolulu Harry’s manager Preston Kealoha, is set to open this month.

Kealoha’s is at 12206 Central Ave.

  • Scott in the RC

    Just wondering how Kealoha’s will differ from Honolulu Harry’s. Good luck to Preston, but I do miss Cask ‘n Cleaver that resided there back in the day.

  • Dee Dee

    When? They keep sending out announcements but no opening date.

  • John Plessel

    Dee Dee:

    I drove by this Tuesday (January 31), on my way back from Dripp, and they still had a banner out front that indicated they were opening January 2012.

    However, there were work trucks outside, so it appears they’re still getting things ready.

    I don’t suspect it’ll be too much longer.

    They do have a Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kealohas-Taste-of-the-Islands/349897715025948), where they’ve periodically been posting updates, the last one being on January 13.