Five Guys, In-N-Out soon to open; San Bernardino Burger King closes


It seems like we’ve been discussing the pending Highland In-N-Out Burger forever, but it’s only been a little over two years.

The bone of contention at one point seemed to be signage (or lack thereof), since the location was not in the center next to the 210 Freeway, but in the center next to the center next to the 210 Freeway.

Eventually, the site got sold to the owners of the center next to the 210 Freeway, so a freeway-adjacent sign could be posted and everyone lived happily ever after.

Two years later, construction finally began on the restaurant, and it’s been going great gangbusters, with an expected opening in March.

The Highland In-N-Out is at 28009 Greenspot Road.

The other red-and-white emblazoned burger joint, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, made a big splash when it opened in Rancho Cucamonga back in March, and announced upcoming locations in San Bernardino, Redlands, Moreno Valley, Mira Loma and Corona.

Well, those locations (and more) have all opened, except for one: San Bernardino.

The chain’s website has long listed the address for the San Bernardino location, 525 E. Hospitality Lane, which was the home of a former Starbucks.

I’ve driven by occasionally over the months, and have only seen “For Lease” signs in the window.


I drove by the this weekend and new signs have appeared in former old coffee house and the empty location next to it: Five Guys Burgers and Fries Coming Soon.

Crews have finally begun deconstructing the Starbucks and doing landscape work outside the new location.

Five Guys is notoriously tight-lipped about its openings, so we don’t have an official date, but I’m thinking it shouldn’t be more than a month or two away.

One place you won’t be getting a burger any time soon, however, is the former Burger King at 1920 E. Highland Ave. in San Bernardino. The location shut down late last year.

The last time I was there (while waiting for my car to get smogged next door) was a pretty dismal affair. I took my food and left, thinking how far that location had declined over the decades.

You’ll either have to drive east or west on Highland a couple of miles to get your Whopper fix.