The bacon shake does exist

Business reporter Andrew Edwards has a few minutes out from his busy day to review Jack in the Box’s bacon shake for us here at Dine 909.

He declares it “better than I expected,” which I guess is as good of an endorsement as any.

The bacon shake is available for a limited time at participating locations.

Follow the jump to watch the video review.

Update: Andrew has augmented his video review with the following written review.

The new bacon milkshake at Jack in the Box is a half-truth with too much salt, but it’s funny enough to try once.

At the very least, drinking a bacon milkshake entitles the consumer to tell friends that one has indeed consumed a bacon milkshake, then attaining all rights, privileges and mockery involved with the commission of such an act.

First of all, it needs to be established that Jack in the Box’s own nutritional guide reveals the milkshake derives its flavor not from actual bacon, but “bacon flavored syrup.” Whatever this is tastes like salt and maple syrup, and the flavor is close enough to the actual flavor of bacon to pass initial scrutiny. The sweetness of the milkshake’s vanilla ice cream added to the bacon syrup makes the drink taste something like maple syrup poured over bacon.

Upon further examination, however, the maple flavor diminishes and the taste of salt becomes much more prominent and the flavor is less like bacon and more like sweet salt.

A regular size serving of 16 ounces contains 319 milligrams of sodium, which is roughly one-seventh of the recommended maximum daily intake. Adding a Jumbo Jack with cheese and small fries to the order would result in consuming a day’s worth of sodium in a single meal.

Jack in the Box says its bacon milkshake is only available for a limited time, and that’s for the best. I have to admit that I thought it tasted good enough at first, but after finishing one I realized I would never need to drink another of its kind. The bacon milkshake is really more of a joke than an actual food product.

Thanks Andrew!

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    does it taste good or not??