KFC’s Double Down sticks around, turns two

KFC’s bread-free Double Down sandwich, initially intended to be a limited-time menu item, is still with us.

The “sandwich” was roundly ridiculed upon its introduction two years ago tomorrow, a situation not helped by an April Fool’s Day press release announcing its existence.

Reporter Andrew Edwards “celebrates” the anniversary by shedding a little light on the supposedly poor nutritional value of the Double Down.

When compared to what most people would agree is a “healthier” sandwich, Panera Bread’s Chipotle Chicken sandwich, the Double Down actually comes out on top.

Andrew explains it all for you (and has lunch), after the jump.

For comparison’s sake, Carl’s Jr.’s Western Bacon Cheeseburger has 740 calories, 34 fat grams and 1500 mg of sodium. The bacon-less Big Mac has 540 calories, 29 fat grams and 1040 mg of sodium.

Happy birthday, Double Down!