Food truck vote postponed again?

The San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors was set to once again take up the issue of food trucks at tomorrow’s (June 5) meeting.

However, looking at the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting, it looks like the issue — which was already postponed from the May 8 meeting — has been postponed again until the June 19 meeting.

Let’s hope that this means the board is taking a second look at that perplexing and arbitrary (and in our opinion, unnecessary) land use permit fee issue.

Update: I totally misread the agenda. The board indeed discussed and voted unanimously to allow food trucks, with the ridiculous land use permit fee intact. Number of “major” food truck events per parcel was increased from four to six, however. It’s the adoption of the ordinance that takes place at the June 19 meeting.

Joe Nelson is covering and live-Tweeting from today’s meeting. Head over the jump to follow him.