Jack in the Box debuts its waffle breakfast sandwich


Waffle sandwiches are not really anything new.

Bruxi has been serving ’em up in Orange County since the end of 2010, and one of the unique delicacies you can find on the Slap Yo Mama truck is the Snoop Dogg, a Monte Cristo variant made with waffles, fried chicken and mac and cheese.

However, Jack in the Box (not above going for the gimmick) is the first local fast food outlet that I’m aware offers one, at least for a limited time. (Apparently, they’re a recurring item at Dunkin’ Donuts, but good luck finding one of those in the Inland Empire.)

Jack’s waffle breakfast sandwich is awfully similar to McDonald’s McGriddle, of which, it pains me to admit, I am a fan.

It’s constructed with two faux-waffles (or is that wauxffles?), with sausage, egg and cheese in between.

Oddly enough, the one I purchased this morning only had one faux-waffle (and one biscuit half), hence this somewhat cryptic Tweet.

And how was it?

Apart from the first bite, which was biscuit-side down, the biggest problem is the texture of the waffles is off.

Part of the appeal of waffles is their slightly crispy texture.

Jack’s waffles are little more than waffle-shaped (and flavored) buns.

Perhaps two waffle buns would improve the taste.

Apart from that, it was a lot like a second-rate McGriddle.

Similar in taste and texture, but not quite as good.

Of course, Jack’s breakfast sandwich has one big advantage over Ronald’s…it’s available all day.

For whenever you have that eggy, cheesy, meaty, sweet craving.

Have you tried the Jack in the Box waffle breakfast sandwich? What’s your opinion of it? Let us know in the comments below.

Jack in the Box restaurants can be found throughout the Inland Empire

Update: Stopped by Jack in the Box today (August 4) to give the waffle breakfast sandwich another try.

I got a properly-constructed sandwich (two waffles) this time, and the results were 100% better.

The waffles were even slightly burnt, which helped with the texture problem, and indicates to me that they are toasted before serving.

However, even with two well-done waffles, I still prefer the McGriddle. Sorry, Jack.