Cool off at Baker’s Drive-Thru for only 60¢ today

One of the few things we don’t like about Baker’s Drive-Thru is that they don’t offer free refills on their sodas.

That really doesn’t matter today, since you can get a 44-ounce fountain drink or iced tea for only 60¢.

All you have to do is print out this coupon (or show it on your mobile device) and let the thirst-quenching commence.

One deal per customer per visit or per car, please.

It’s all part of Baker’s 60th anniversary celebration, which currently also includes a Disneyland giveaway where you could win one of 60 pairs of Disneyland tickets or one of 60 $50 Baker’s gift cards.

Baker’s Drive-Thru locations can be found throughout the Inland Empire.

3 thoughts on “Cool off at Baker’s Drive-Thru for only 60¢ today

  1. Baker’s doesn’t give free refills? When did this happen? The last time I was in both the Upland and Rancho Cucamonga locations I received refills for free, no questions asked. I know it has been a few month since I’ve been inside, but has it really changed that much?

  2. Shawn:

    We’ve never gotten free refills at Baker’s. Perhaps the policy has changed recently (and we just gave up trying), but we’ve always had to pay…75, I believe.

    If so, then bravo Baker’s!

  3. Sounds like it’s time for me to visit Baker’s again then. The only time I can ever remember being turned down for a free refill was when I wanted more strawberries for my strawberry Sprite. Time to investigate.

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