When is a footlong not a footlong?

The latest social media dust-up involves an Australian man and Subway.

It all started when the man posted on Subway’s Facebook page a picture of his footlong sub with a measuring tape along the top of it. The sandwich measured only 11 inches.

The post simply read: subway pls respond.

Since that photo appeared, irritated Subway customers have flooded Subway’s Facebook page with comments, most angry with, but some supportive of the ubiquitous sandwich chain.

Several have posted pictures of their own sandwich measurements.

Not really sure what all the controversy is about.

I don’t think there’s any grand scheme by Subway to cheat its customers.

I just think there are slight variations in the amount of dough used to bake the bread.

And it’s not like customers are getting less sandwich fillings in slightly shorter sandwiches — they’re still get the same pre-measured amount of meat, the same number of triangular cheese slices.

And wouldn’t an Australian Subway sub be measured in centimeters? Hmmm.

Perhaps if I frequented Subway more, I would care more.

To read more on the controversy, click here.

  • norm1951

    The bean counters strike again. Take that one inch of dough they saved and multiply it by sandwiches sold and you have made some real money!!