Limited-time items at McDonald’s: Fish McBites, Shamrock Shakes and $1 lattes and mochas

The McRib may have gone back into the vault, but McDonald’s has plenty to take its place.

First up are a new item, Fish McBites, which are basically the seafood equivalent of Chicken McNuggets.

Fish McBites are available in snack, regular and shareable sizes, as well as being an option for Happy Meals.

Also returning for the umpteenth time is the seasonal Shamrock Shake.

Fish McBites and the Shamrock Shake are available for a limited time.

Also for a limited time, Southern California locations are lowering prices on small-sized McCafe lattes and mochas.

The coffee beverages are temporarily only $1, which is the same price as any size soda, a promotion which we’re surprised is still running (thank you, McD’s!).

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  • Hey ya’ll! them McBites are worth the trip! They are moist, perfectly seasoned, very fair sized portioned, some what more healthy and the fish tastes like fresh fish from the coast! I dipped mine in the sweet and tangy sauce, Mmmm Mmmm! I was happier than Beyonce’s bicycle seat! Boy I tell you McDonald’s really has something that I will get weekly for a change. 😉