Another big win for A.J. Barile’s teenage pizza maker

Congratulations go out to Joleen Piser from A.J. Barile’s Chicago Pizza for taking home the division prize at the International Pizza Expo the second year in a row.

Joleen took first place in the Southwest U.S. Region, Non-Traditional Division, and also competed in the world finals competition at the expo, held last week in Las Vegas.

This is Joleen’s second year of competition. Last year, in addition to winning the regional division, she came in second in the world finals competition.

Joleen is only 19 years old.

She is the daughter of the restaurants’ owners, Al and Tina Piser. Joleen’s creation, Oak Glen Hen, is made with marinated apple slices, two kinds of mozzarella cheese, sautéed onion, bacon and garlic chicken.

Her pizza, as well as Chef Paul Duran’s as-yet-unnamed American Pan Division entry are available at the restaurant, 32693 Yucaipa Blvd., Yucaipa. The pizzeria is having a contest to name Chef Paul’s pizza.