Mongolian Bar-B-Q in San Bernardino closed due to health violations

Update: The restaurant is back open already!

This is not an April Fool’s joke.

San Bernardino’s Mongolian Bar-B-Q, 1488 E. Highland Ave., has been shut down by the county health department due to a rodent infestation, according to a health department official.

During the restaurant’s recent inspection on February 19, the inspector noted:

“Observed mice droppings on top of canned foods. Ensure to continue the use of pest control. Ensure to seal holes in walls behind ice machine.”

The inspector also noted that the restaurant complied on the same day.

Things appear to have escalated recently, and the restaurant was reinspected Thursday (March 28) in response to two anonymous complaints reporting not only mice in the restaurant, but of the roof falling in, rice being reused, bathrooms backing up and the restaurant smelling like sewage.

Problems will need to be fixed and the restaurant reinspected before it can reopen.

As one of the county’s restaurant survivors, let’s hope they can clean things up and continue on.

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