What you’ll be saying in a week or so: I think I ate the bones!

Sure, Kentucky Fried Chicken has boneless chicken, and has had for a while now.

However, the latest offering from the ubiquitous fried chicken is its original recipe chicken, sans skin and bones.

The launch will take place April 14, with a two piece (one white, one dark) combo meal, with a side, biscuit and a drink, being offered for $4.99.

A 10-piece mixed bucket (four pieces of boneless and six pieces original recipe on the bone) will go for $14.99.

Why is KFC taking the bones out?

Well, a lot could have to do with rival Chick-fil-A, which last year surpassed KFC in annual domestic sales, despite being open one day a week less than KFC.

All of Chick-fil-A’s chicken menu items are boneless.

A rather humorous ad campaign is accompanying the rollout, with diners looking aghast at an empty original recipe boneless box and thinking they’ve eaten the bones.

Here are two of the ads:

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