Fried white rice vs. fried brown rice…fight!

White or brown? You have the power to decide.

From July 3 through August 31, Panda Express will offer guests the option of either fried white rice or fried brown rice.

Throughout the campaign, Panda will track the number of orders of both kinds of fried rice and post the results to its Facebook page.

At the end of the campaign, whichever type of fried rice customers order more of will become the new standard.

It’s a big decision. According to a press release, in 2012, Panda served almost 70 million pounds of its classic, white long-grain fried rice. That’s enough to fill 158 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Just try not to buckle under the pressure, okay?

Whatever the outcome, Panda restaurants will continue to offer both brown and white steamed rice.

Panda Express locations can be found throughout the Inland Empire.