Rialto In-N-Out is under construction

In-N-Out RialtoIt’s been a long time since we’ve tracked the progress of the north Rialto In-N-Out Burger, but it’s finally under construction.

The In-N-Out sits in a lot where a Rialto fire station was before it moved down the street.

The original plan called for the restaurant to be joined by two other restaurants — another fast-food restaurant (the city had been in talks with Miguel’s Jr. at one point) and a sit-down restaurant.

However, construction has not yet begun on any other buildings on the property.

The company is expecting to begin hiring at the beginning of next month at the earliest, with a projected opening toward the end of August or beginning of September.

For updates, visit the locations page on the chain’s website.

The Rialto In-N-Out is at 108 E. Easton St.

Update: The new location is set to open around Labor Day, which is Monday (September 1), according to this post by Inland Empire Explorer. Another new twist revealed in that post is that the second tenant on the parcel is likely to be Chipotle. That sounds like a win-win situation, especially since it’s just over six miles from my house!

San Bernardino Sun reporter Jim Steinberg has written about the new restaurant, which opened Thursday (August 29). You can read his article here.