Carlo’s Italian Bakery Pizza closes its doors

Carlo’s Italian Bakery Pizza may have closed its Montclair restaurant, but the business lives on.

A brief post on the business’ Facebook page from last Thursday explains that the restaurant is closed, but they will continue with catering and brewery events, including an event tomorrow (September 5) at Dale Bros. Brewery.

Not to infer any connection between the two events, but our very own Elaine “Lunch with ‘Lainey” Lehman wrote a favorable review of Carlo’s just a few weeks ago.

Carlo’s Italian Bakery Pizza was at 9878 Central Ave.

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Update: The Montclair restaurant is down, but not out. The owners posted an update on Facebook today (September 5), which sounded not exactly hopeful, but made it seem like they haven’t locked the doors and thrown away the key yet. They also posted two new brewery dates: Saturday (September 7) at La Verne Brewing and Friday, September 13 at Chino Valley Brewing.