Got the munchies? Jack in the Box has the cure

JMMIt’s late. You’ve got the munchies.

Jack in the Box has the cure.

Last week, the fast-food chain jumped oversized head-first into the “stunt food” pool, with not one, but four new stoner-satisfying food concoctions. Zoinks!

Jack in the Box has been leading up to this moment with limited-time items such as the Hot Mess Burger and the Big Waffle Stack, but it appears Jack is looking to top even Taco Bell in the adolescent-inspired food genre with this quartet.

Apparently test-marketed since late last year and now widely available between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. is Jack’s Munchie Meal, which comes with a 20-ounce drink, two tacos, an order of halfsies — half seasoned curly fries, half the standard variety — plus one of the entrées below for just $6.

It’s a formidable amount of food. You’d better have the munchies.

On to the selections:

  • Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger: For when a grilled cheese sandwich or a cheeseburger wouldn’t be enough, and both would be too much. Imagine a cheeseburger with a grilled cheese sandwich Frankensteined to the top, and you’ve got it.
  • Exploding Cheesy Chicken: If Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt sandwich had an affair with one of Jack’s chicken sandwiches, this would be the result. It’s a fried chicken patty topped with mozzarella sticks and drenched in cheese sauce. Perhaps the explosion takes place the following day.
  • Loaded Nuggets: Probably the tamest of the bunch, it’s just chicken nuggets covered with two types of cheese, bacon and ranch. Ho hum.
  • Brunch Burger: Of the four, this one actually intrigued me. It’s a burger, topped with a fried egg, hash browns, cheese and bacon, all served on a croissant. It’s described as being for “when it’s so late you don’t know whether it’s dinner or breakfast.” Sounds like the perfect sandwich for brinner.

If you’re not quite hungry enough for the box, each new entrée is available a la carte for $4. An order of halfsies can be had for $2.50.

So, if you like, happen to find yourself in an altered state of mind in the middle of the night, you like, totally know where to go.

For more information, click here.

Jack in the Box locations can be found throughout the Inland Empire.