Claremont’s Vom Fass: Unique shop for oils, vinegars, wine and more

Vom Fass Oils and VinegarsHaven’t yet purchased a holiday gift for the foodie in your life?

We have just the place.

Vom Fass (German for “from the cask”) is a unique shopping experience where you can purchase a variety of oils, vinegars, wines and liquors.

The store (one of three in California, 16 in the U.S. and about 250 worldwide) opened at the end of October.

Vom Fass WinesEspecially surprising given the store’s size, the choices can be a little overwhelming at first.

They have dozens of oils, for instance, starting with several varieties of unflavored extra virgin olive oils and extending to over a dozen flavor-infused extra virgin olive oils. They also have oils derived from nuts, seeds and avocado.

The company’s website lists 40 different oils. They also have cooking oils and wellness oils, such as flax seed oil and a blend called Omega 3.6.9.

Oils are just the beginning. They also sell dozens of unflavored and flavored balsamic vinegars.

I’m willing to bet you’ve never had calamansi balsamic vinegar.

Have you ever even heard of calamansi? I hadn’t!

With all these choices, how do you know what to get? You sample them!

Vom Fass CasksThe company’s motto is “Look. Taste. Enjoy.” and customers are invited to sample any of the oils or vinegars. Guests 21 and over can sample from the store’s selection of liqueurs and cask-aged liquors.

And that’s not all. The Claremont store also has a nice selection of hand-picked wines from which to choose.

How does this all work? Once you’ve made your selections, you decide how much you want of each item and the store’s personnel will bottle it for you.

The staff will also help with flavor combination suggestions and will answer any questions you have about the products.

There is a charge for oil or vinegar bottles, but the bottles are reusable, so you won’t have to pay again if you clean and reuse the bottle.

They have a nice selection of shaped bottles for gift-giving.

Bottles for the adult beverages are pre-filled, but they have an assortment of sizes of each spirit. Give a little or give a lot.

Vom Fass Gift SetsThe store also has pre-made gift sets, or you can easily create your own.

And if that weren’t enough, the store hosts special tasting events, such as a recent wine, chocolate and cheese event, featuring chocolate from Glendora’s Chocolate Angel and cheese from Claremont’s Cheese Cave.

A sold-out Scotch tasting event is scheduled for tomorrow night (December 12).

Before visiting the store tonight (a blogger tasting party, hosted by our friends at IE Shine On), I checked out the company’s website, but even then I was truly unprepared for the experience.

You really have to visit the store and experience (and taste) it for yourself. Don’t be surprised if you go home with a bottle or two of their high-quality products.

Vom Fass is at 101 N. Indian Hill Blvd., Suite C2-100, on the north side of First Street.