Sun setting on Sugarbird Desserts

If you have had the chance to sample any of Sugarbird Desserts’ delicious baked goods, you know what a loss this is: Owner Heather Paul is shutting down the bakery.

She’s doing so to spend more time with her family.

While we will miss Sugarbird’s delicious treats, we applaud her choice.

“Amazing baker” is a great title to have. “Amazing mom” is an even better one.

This weekend, Sugarbird fans will have a few opportunities to get a last taste of some baked bliss.

Tomorrow (December 14), Heather will make her final stop at the Redlands Farmers Market, in the parking lot along the south side of Redlands Boulevard, between Fifth and Sixth streets.

The market runs from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., but fans know to get there early.

Sugarbird’s desserts will also play a big part in Parliament Chocolate’s grand opening celebration this weekend (December 14 and 15).

Beyond that, Heather is still planning to do classes at the Cooking Block, and also plans to continue working on her blog, Mom, Can I Have A Bite?

And just as the sun sets, it also rises. She hasn’t ruled out reviving Sugarbird once her kids are older.

Only time will tell if Sugarbird takes flight again.

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