Movoto offers 15 great places to eat in San Bernardino

Remember last fall when the Movoto real estate site ranked San Bernardino as the worst city for food lovers?

The site’s blog has extended an olive branch of sorts, with a new post highlighting 15 San Bernardino restaurants that will “blow the taste buds out of your mouth.”

That’s a good thing…we think.

It’s a pretty solid list, with several of our favorites (Alfredo’s Pizza and Pasta, Mitla Cafe, Miyagi Sushi, Lotus Garden, and Lucy’s Mexican Restaurant) making the cut.

Some selections surprised us: We love Happy Family and were pleased with its inclusion on the list.

Toss in a few been-meaning-to-but-haven’t-been-yet spots along with a couple that I hadn’t even heard of.

Round out the list with one, maybe two, places that I don’t think belong on it…I’ll leave it to you to figure those out.

Click here to see the whole list and feel free to leave your own critiques in the comments below.

  • Coutterhill

    I have to go somewhere else for the list? geez