McDonald’s brings back Szechuan Sauce…for reals this time

Yep…it's real.

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McDonald’s has brought back its Szechuan dipping sauce nationwide for the first time since Mulan was in the theaters, back in 1998.

Well, except for that riot-inducing stunt back in October of last year that saw a limited number of restaurants getting a handful of the elusive sauce cups.

Excitement over the long-gone sauce reached a fever pitch after it was mentioned in a Rick and Morty episode last year.

This time around, McDonald’s isn’t playing.

They’re shipping 20 million Szechuan sauce cups to restaurants nationwide, which turns out to be about 1,400 per store.

They’ve even got a series of podcasts talking about the reintroduction of the sauce…and last October’s blunder. You can listen to them here.