Farmer Boys responds to Panera CEO

Earlier this year, we discussed Panera Bread’s new breakfast sandwiches and that the chain discovered the Food and Drug Administration had no definition for what an “egg” is.

Panera’s research indicated that half of the top 10 fast-casual restaurants that offer breakfast have additives, such as butter-type flavors, gums and added color in their “eggs.”

In February, Inland Empire-based Farmer Boys fired back at Panera, and offered help for chains that don’t use real eggs.

The response reads:

“In response to recent egg-shaming comments made by Panera Bread’s CEO, ‘If you think about it, there are no fast-food restaurants or fast-casual restaurants that serve an over-easy egg. It’s just not possible,’ we at Farmer Boys wanted to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE!

Farmer Boys has been hand-cracking real eggs and cooking breakfast to order since 1981, and last year we transitioned to serving 100% cage-free California eggs at our 91 locations throughout California and Nevada.

If we can do it, YOU can too! Farmer Boys kindly welcomes inquiries from other fast-casual restaurants looking to move beyond EGG SHAME, and, who are ready to make a change. Email and we’ll happily advise you on how we do it.

Thank you, Blaine Hurst, for starting this important dialogue about how the restaurant industry can do better.

In the meantime, REMEMBER, we at Farmer Boys have the REAL, cage-free, farm-fresh, made-to-order EGGS YOU CRAVE.”